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申し込みアドレス: annual.conference@microbial-ecology.jp

締め切り 2024年7月31日(水) 17:00

日本語(50 文字程度)と英語(100 character 程度)を併記ください。

日本語 800 字以内または、英語 400 words以内でお知らせください。


4)コンビーナ (コンビーナのうち1名は本学会員とします。)


シンポジウム:10/29 (火) 14:00-16:00、10/30 (水) 14:00-16:00、10/31 (木) 9:00-11:30
自由集会:10/28月 17:30−19:30、10/29火 14:00-16:00、10/30水 14:00-16:00
ランチョンセミナー:10/29火 12:00−13:30、10/30水 12:00−13:30、10/31木 11:30−13:00


We are now accepting proposals for symposia, open meetings, and luncheon seminars. We look forward to receiving exciting and passionate proposals that will help energize the Hiroshima conference!

Application Method

Please send an email with the following information to the address below, with the subject “Application for Symposium, Open Meeting, Luncheon Seminar.” We prioritize proposals featuring female speakers from the perspective of promoting diversity.

Application email address: annual.conference@microbial-ecology.jp

Deadline: July 31, 2024 (Wednesday) 17:00

1) Session Title Please provide both in Japanese (approximately 50 characters) and in English (approximately 100 characters).

2) Purpose of the Session Please describe in Japanese (within 800 characters) or in English (within 400 words).

3) Planned Speakers Include their names, affiliations, and membership status (member/non-member).

4) Conveners (At least one convener must be the JSME member) Provide names, affiliations, and contact information (email, phone number).

5) Preferred Date, Time Slot, and Venue Check the available time slots and venue options in the time table. Open meetings are scheduled for 2 hours, luncheon seminars for 90 minutes, and symposia for 2 to 2.5 hours. The capacities listed in the timetable represent the maximum capacity for each venue.

Symposia: October 29 (Tue) 14:00-16:00, October 30 (Wed) 14:00-16:00, October 31 (Thu) 9:00-11:30
Open Meetings: October 28 (Mon) 17:30-19:30, October 29 (Tue) 14:00-16:00, October 30 (Wed) 14:00-16:00
Luncheon Seminars: October 29 (Tue) 12:00-13:30, October 30 (Wed) 12:00-13:30, October 31 (Thu) 11:30-13:00

6) Other The acceptance or rejection of the proposed sessions will be notified to applicants by mid-August. Please note that depending on the application status, we may not be able to accommodate your preferred venue and date, and some sessions may need to be combined.